Nothing can ruin your name worse than BAD customer service. And, as we know, anything BAD attached to your business is a notch lost against your company’s marketing belt. Or is it? Most experts believe any marketing is good marketing. Somebody believes differently. While getting your brand’s name tossed around, good or bad, gets your name out there we believe LOYALTY is the real money maker … or killer!

Nowadays customer service is SO BAD at times, we cringe at the fact some of these businesses stay afloat (or even have the proverbial “doors open”). For instance, a nameless company (why give them the benefit of ANY advertising or marketing shout out, we will just call them BAD COMPANY) gave one of Somebody’s clients the ABSOLUTE WORST customer service in history today. First off, they did not have the common decency to CALL THEM and try to iron out the situation. Nope … they used email, something which is their main income generator (EMAIL, hint … hint!), to do their dirty work. They decided to terminate our clients account without doing ample research first. Ample in the fact they blatantly lied about why they terminated the account. They also decided to KEEP the monthly charge of $28 and not return it.  Yes, one day after this client used their services the account was closed and their money was gone. The BAD COMPANY used the words “scam” and “PayPal” as the primary reason of termination. Mind you, our client has NEVER used PayPal … EVER!. The real scam was in their money being kept by this BAD COMPANY.

Now the REAL question … what should this client do? We recommended NOTHING, at least publicly or in the blog world! Now, away from the “www” world we recommended not to get mad … just get even. And there is a lot you can do to get even. A recent survey by ClickFox took a closer look at what the repercussions are of a bad customer service experience and this is what we shared with our client (see infographic below).

While 52 percent of disgruntled customers spout off to family and friends, an even more astounding 32 percent altogether will stop doing business with the BAD COMPANY who wronged them, there’s no LOYALTY so WHY continue to do business with them. And when customers take to social media to air their ire, more than 60 percent of consumers are influenced by these detrimental comments (we opted with our client to NOT play this game, even though our client has A LOT of influence on a very large influx of A-listers who could be a potential client of the BAD COMPANY).

There’s a whole new school of loyalty that companies need to enroll in … and fast. It’s no longer good enough to sit around and wait for a bad customer experience to happen, and then react. Companies need to catch support disasters way before they happen. Here is what our friends at ClickFox think (click on photo to increase size):

So, what will you do next time you get bad customer service from BAD COMPANY?

P.S. BAD COMPANY is code for turboSMTP … we had to break our silence sometime. We consciously decided to be the ones to influence the 60%, for our clients sake!