Fonts & Feelings Psychology in Typography

Fonts & Feelings Psychology in Typography

Did you ever think that the font type you choose for your logo or website could say something about you and your business?

Or that it could convey your message in a certain light?

Today’s infographic covers the psychology behind type choices. You will learn how serif, sans serif, script, modern, and display typefaces and their fonts are best used for moving your audience to feel how you want them to feel.

You should take careful consideration when choosing a logo font. As you may already know, people have certain feelings, emotions, and associations when they see certain colors. What you may not realize is that they have a similar response to typefaces and fonts.

So, for example, if you want to portray that your business is traditional or respectable, you might want to consider a serif typeface. If you want to people to see your business as stable or modern, you should lean towards a sans serif typeface.

Looking even deeper into typefaces, particular fonts convey unique things.

For instance, the modern font…


The sans serif font…


If you want people to feel that your business is reliable…



There are many different type of fonts, all come with some kind of meaning or psychology messaging. Read on to find out which fonts you should be using for your business logo or website to pull the right emotions from your targeted audience.

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