A Very Simple Explanation of SEO (Infographic)

A Very Simple Explanation of SEO (Infographic)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is VERY complicated with over 200+ factors in it that determines what get ranked from Page title, URLs, Meta Description to Backlinks and more.  It is hard, it is complicated and NOT ONE PERSON knows the exact factors … except maybe a few folks at Google (even then I find this hard to fathom).

In short, Search Engine Optimization is the process of gaining visibility in the Search Engine, Google.  But to truly understand what SEO is all about is to know what Google’s intention of their search engine. They are always looking to deliver the most relevant and accurate results to the users so as to attract and gain more users. Paid Ads from search engine is still the main revenue for Google and they will always be trying to improve the search results with algorithms updates like Panda, Penguin and others.

This infographics by Digitrio aims to provide a clear and simple guide to what is SEO & the common terminologies that come with it. SEO is simply about Relevance and Authority. Commonly, there is 2 kinds of practice in the world of SEO, white hat & black hat. White hat SEO is activities that follow along Google’s guidelines and use legitimate methods of doing it. Black hat SEO on another hand, aim to exploit on Google’s ranking factors to further their level up through spamming methods or other exploits. Black hat SEO usually results in short results period as Google catches on all these.

Learn more about Search Engine Optimization with this very simple infographic below:



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