Logos are typically the first thing people see when it comes to your company, hence the reason we think of it as your “picture”. Your Logo burns an image in your clients and potential clients heads every time they see it. It needs to be easily identified, memorable and timeless (although many company’s rebuild their Logos every few years).


* Get you noticed and become memorable
* Work with your tagline (if applicable) to define your market niche and / or competitive benefit

A Logo should NOT remain the same over a prolonged period of time; it needs to evolve as technology, styles and preferences change. Consider Apple, McDonald’s and AT&T. Each has updated its Logo’s look and feel numerous times. As a result, these companies consistently reflect modern sensibility.


We are sure you’re familiar with the concerns of using a mass-produced online Logo design company, but just in case you are not, here is what you can expect:

* Limited, impersonal contact which restricts results
* Automated “support” without a project manager to discuss project progress
* Outsource, offshore or junior-level designers (not Somebody’s top-tier talent)
* A lot of crazy “hidden fees”

The reality is that most customers are disappointed with these mass-produced Logos. We hear the horror stories all the time. Some customers have tried three or more services and still got zero positive results. Bottom line, if you are serious about your company, a cheap Logo will NOT help your identity or brand.

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