4 Ways to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

4 Ways to Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

As many of you are aware, LinkedIn is THE social network for business. With over 277 million users (as of Feb, 2014), it’s a potential gold mine for adding clients and customers. Below are 4 solid ways you can use LinkedIn to grow your business. A special thanks to The Sherwood Group for such amazing content and this well written, informative article.

Grow Your Business with LinkedIn

1. Create A LinkedIn Company Page:

The benefits of a LinkedIn company page include the opportunity of engaging your followers with company news, updates, events and relevant content. Also, the product section is a perfect way for your business to display products and services, in addition to collecting recommendations from satisfied customers.

There’s also the benefit of improved search engine rankings. LinkedIn pages often perform well in Internet searches as well as providing potential lead generation opportunities. Research shows that 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn.

2. Sponsor Ads:

The most effective sponsored advertisements use few words with captivating visuals. (Remember the 2 second viewing rule for outdoor advertising? That’s about how long you have to get the attention of your audience.) Ads that have uplifting slogans and likeable content are viewed with less annoyance and stand out among the more wordy and visually boring types of sponsored ads on LinkedIn.

Simple ads also generate more socialization within the comment section and have more “likes,” therefore spreading the ad exponentially through existing customer and client networks, giving rise to new business.

3. Start A Group:

If your company is large enough and/or has sufficient reach within the LinkedIn community, developing a company group in addition to a company page can help generate interest and direct an additional flow of interaction. Larger business that can seem intimidating and hard to contact would benefit by having a social media specialist interact with potential customers within the group in addition to the many job seekers using LinkedIn to find work.

4. Host Contests And Giveaways:

Your business might benefit by launching giveaways and contests on Linkedin. Everyone, including potential new clients and customers, love free items that have your company logo (which leads to increased market penetration). Even hosting a contest with a prize of a visit to your company could gain new followers since people are often interested in operations and company culture.

ORIGINAL SOURCE LINK: http://thesherwoodgroup.com/business-education/5-ways-use-linkedin-grow-business/