Stunningly Simple Logos for Your Inspiration

Stunningly Simple Logos for Your Inspiration

What could be better than simplicity? According to the world’s most experienced identity designers, a great logo delivers all the meaning it intends to in just a few seconds. Designing logos that are simple enough to be taken in quickly but still convey the many meanings a brand might depend on isn’t an easy task.

Why Simple Logos?

There are so many different design decisions that you can make when creating a logo that – at first – it can be a little overwhelming. Do you want something attention grabbing, colourful and brash? Do you follow the long shadow trend, or will that appear tired and overused in 6 months time? Do you go for something understated and that looks good in black and white? There are countless directions that you can go in, but Somebody’s personal favorites are logos that are simple, clean and has a tiny hint of the brand’s personality behind it.

Designing a simple logo is actually remarkably difficult. Usually minimalist and uncluttered designs have had the same amount of work go into them as complex ones, and in many cases – even more time and effort. As Mark Zuckerberg famously said – the trick isn’t adding stuff, it’s taking away.

The blog post hopes to bring together some examples of fresh, interesting and remarkably simple logo designs that have all been crafted with care. Hopefully this collection will give you some inspiration for your next logo project, and if you know of any other examples that should be added to this list – Somebody love to hear about them (in the comments, of course).

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