Every once in a while I receive an email from a blogger (okay maybe more than once in a while …). At first, I contemplate whether I should delete it or not, Secondly, if the “or not” is chosen I usually assume the worst to myself and think “ah, another cheap solicitation”. Then, once in a blue moon it happens … I get a nugget. It’s like I have struck unsolicited gold. This was one of those emails from Andre Dubois. Enjoy, there are some POWERFUL words in here …

Do you know why some blogs have an incredibly passionate audience? I’m not only speaking about visitors but also customers. They don’t have readers, they have fans. Anything they tweet or publish is massively shared. Every digital product they propose is an outrageous success.

You may have been caught by one of those awesome bloggers.

You started reading one or two articles, and then you realized why this author has become a benchmark in his field. Gotcha!

Now, you are one of his passionate readers. Tomorrow, you’ll probably visit this website again and read one or two articles.

If you read only one of his digital product reviews, you will certainly break the piggy bank and buy this product. You can’t resist it, isn’t it?

You will surely, go through a phase of self-doubt. You will certainly think “this writer is so powerful, damn, I’m not good enough to get there”. You probably tried to convince your readers with some writing tips. But the fan community has not popped-up. You also maybe tried to sell an eBook on which you spent months of work, but sales didn’t take off.

Well, I have something for you. I am going to show you how to be an unforgettable writer. You just have to use the same words those super-bloggers use.

They use power words. Here’s an example:

Let’s imagine that your blog is about learning French, and you have written a revolutionary eBook to learn that difficult language.

If you say, “This E-book is the best way to learn French”, what will happen? Well, If your reader is someone who is exposed to thousands of daily advertisement (like most people in rich countries), he is not going to buy it.

Even if he plans to dredge a French girl during his next trip to Paris.

But now, if you tell your readers: “This unique, tested system is the only way to master French in less than two months.” You’ll punch up your prose and that will help boost your sales. You spiced things up with power words “unique” and “only”.

Want more super-words? Here is a list of 824 words, specially adapted for bloggers who need to build a loyal audience to get rid of competition and boost their conversion rate.

Category 1: Show customers how easy it is.

Why? Because if you have actionable content on your blog, it has to be easy or your readers are not going to engage. They will end up by going somewhere else. All your advices should be easy to understand and to apply, that’s a golden rule. And if your topic is really something complicated, it is your job to make it easy to understand.

accessible helpful simplified
adjustable ideal for slight
all in one intuitive smooth
amazingly simple it couldn’t be easier snap
automatic manageable solves
awesome for beginners manages step-by-step
basic monitors straightforward
built for efficiency no headaches time-saving
child’s play no more endless headaches trouble-free
clear no sweat user-friendly
easy painless
effortless piece of cake
elementary plain sailing
even if you are a novice practical
evident ready to go
facile ready to go
fast-reading ready to use
fixes right at your fingertips
for any occasion say goodbye to
handy simple as ABC

Category 2: Convince and convert.

Why? Because if you want to earn some money with information products, you have to convince your visitors to become customers. Use those words to convince them!

advise assure induce turn into
all this can be yours influence watch out
And there is more it just might be we promise that
ask yourself if you can afford not to lead to do What you need now is
best of all let me explain win over
beware never again you will have to without a doubt
buy now no risk you can’t loose
cajole no wonder you will agree that
discover the obviously You will probably find that
don’t forget opportunity you won’t be disappointed
enlist order now
entice quantities are limited
exhort reason
explore the say goodbye to
frankly, seduce
get ready to send no money
here is my secret that’s all it take to
I am inviting you to That’s not all
I was in the same situation the best way to solve your issue is
impress this thing is sure

Category 3: Call to action words to use.

Why? Because you have to provoke an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as ‘‘call now’’ to convert a user into a lead and later into a customer. Here is a fundamental blogging tip: all your emails, all your posts should call to action.

about to expire it is your decision start
accomplish it’s now or never stay engaged
achieve join us take your decision
act now let your imagination soar today
ask for your limited-time tomorrow it will be to late
associate live your dreams try us for free
build alliances meet undertake
click here to download now mingle we won’t bill you for
climb aboard move winners act, losers wait
connect with move your ass within 30 days, you could be
decide to change something network with
deed now
do it operate
don’t miss participate
dont wait too long say no to
engage yourself say yes to
execute share
get into sign up
hurry simply try
I invite you to socialize with

Category 4: Money making and money saving.

Why? Because the financial gain is always a selling argument that has awesome results. Why buy an eBook about monetization if it does not help me become richer? Here are some striking words.

acclaimed growth potential praised
admired high turnover priced to sell
affordable high yield profit from
affordable honored profit leaders
budget-priced inexpensive rare and costly
cash in from interest reasonable
cold cash legendary reduced
comfortable leaving low-cost rock bottom price
cost-effective low-priced save
double make money sizzling sales
economical make your first million thrifty
economical megabucks top dollar
fair modest top salary
famed multiply triple
famous no annual fees undreamed of riches
fast track to wealth no hidden fees unequaled
free nominal unexcelled
free opportunity unmatched
gift pays off unrivaled
gift enclosed popular price value-prices
wise investment worthy

Category 5: Proven effortless power words.

Why? Because people will not buy something that requires efforts. Why was the first 2007 IPhone so successful? Because it was insanely easy to use, compared to Blackberry devices.  Your content should be accessible to everyone and effortless for your visitors. Here are some powerful super-words that will help you getting started.

accessible in brief solution
adaptable in short streamlined
adjustable installs in seconds the total
all in one place interchangeable tip
at a glance maintenance-free totally packed
clarifies maneuverable transports easily
clear mobile uncomplicated
complete no fussing use once and toss
comprehensive no headaches versatile
detachable no more searching with the flick of a switch
disposable no tedious
eliminates your nothing required
encyclopedic one-step
energetic package
extensive practically runs itself
facilitates ready to use
fast-reading refillable
fits reusable
foolproof self cleaning
handy simplifies

Category 6: New, new, new power words!

Why? For two reasons. First, any post which contents the word “new” in its title has more success. Then, because selling something “new” will boost your sales. Will you buy an iPhone 3? No, you want the new one. Use those power-words:

airy latest the successor to
at last mint condition today’s
brand new modern topical
breakthrough modified trailblazing
changed newly issued transformed
coming soon now available ultramodern
contemporary overhauled unprecedented
creative refurbished updated
current remodeled upgraded
cutting-edge renewed witty
droll reorganized
enhanced restructured
enriched revamped
factory-sealed revived
fresh revolutionary
futuristic revolutionized
groundbreaking sleek new
hip startling
innovative the first
just released the latest

Category 7: Prove that your content is superior.

Why? Because, nobody wants to read or buy crap.

edgy honored ultimate
off the charts indestructible unlimited
amazing ingenious unreal
amazing ironclad unsurpassed
awesome juiced valuable
best kick-ass value
big killer waterproof
commanding masterful wild
daring more win
delicious original wired
dynamic outperforms
earthshaking outrageous
electrifying overwhelming
explosive plus
extreme powerful
famous resists
forceful scale a new peak
great stands up to
heavy-duty terrific
high-performance tough

Category 8: Discounts, the proven formula to boost your online sales.

Why? Because my experience with selling information products and testing sales strategies tells me that nothing sells more than a big, huge, time-limited discount. Kind of “black Friday” thing.

a best buy more for your money
a dime nano
affordably priced no wasted expense
bargain Our loss is your gain
below wholesale outclasses
closeout sale pays for itself
contribution peerless
cost-efficient price break
donation price never seen before
economical scales prices slashed
elfin prize
fits your budget save
fraction of the cost savings
give-away smart buy
hot deals the best deal on the internet
huge savings tiny
low price unbeatable value
marked drown unsurpassed
mini within budget
miniature you can afford

Category 9: Quality power words to boost conversion rate.

Why? Because, you have to show to your client that your advices are tested, successful and famous. Or at least, reliable. Those words will get you there!

armored inimitable sturdy
authenticity lasts successful
baby-soft legitimate tested
beefy lifetime the only
certified long-lasting time-proven
cool comfort memorable tough
cottony meticulously trouble-free
easy-care original unforgettable
extra pioneer velvety
facts prize-winning whisper-soft
faithful to proven
feathery reference
firm reinforced
fleecy reputation of
guarantee resilient
genuine rugged
hard safe
hefty scrupulously
honest smooth
in-depth strong

Category 10: Efficient teasers to magnetize your audience.

Why? Because it is necessary to grab user’s attention with fascinating headlines and keep them focused until the end of the page. A good article is an article that is read. Use those words to take your reader’s breath.

as seen on intriguing spontaneous
bonus introducing startling
but, first jaw-dropping stunning
dramatic limited-time surprising
entertaining literate thrilling
exclusive offer lively trial
exhilarating new urgent
fascinating outrageous valuable
fortunately price break vibrant
free provocative win a
fun sale
gift save
gift enclosed seductive
gripping send no money
if you prefer sensationnal
imaginative shocking
immediate special discount
important special offer
incisive spectacular
intelligent spellbinding

Class 11: Great / huge power words, because we all prefer king-size beds.

Why? Because, if your blog is not great, I’ll look for another blog. Use a couple of those words in each paragraph.

abundant grand shrewd
alluring hot soaring
ample huge spicy
assertive husky stout
astute intense super
broaden in-your-face towering
challenging king-size tremendous
colossal large unlimited
compelling limitless vast
competitive massive weighty
countless maximum
cutting-edge monster
enormous mountains of
enticing multiple
expansive multiply
extend multitude
feisty profusely
giddy rich
gigantic roomy
godzilla-like sexy

Category 12: The power words to sell expensive products.

Why? Because, the majority of bloggers have small audiences. And if you want a decent income, you have to sell expensive information products. And these power words will bring you perceived-value.

a crack team of highly splendid
a must imperative stunning
accomplished incalculable talented
ace incomparable top
authority influential trained
breathtaking majestic unforgettable
competence masterpiece valuable
crucial mild virgin
dazzling natural virtuoso
embellished opulent visionary
endowed with perfected vital
excellence pioneers in voluptuous
experimented in premium
extremely professional
field-proven proficient
fundamental qualified
genius recognized
gifted seasoned
hearty skilled

Category 13: Great words that destroy other blogs, or at least common solutions.

Why? Just kidding! You will not destroy other blogs. You will simply use power words to destroy the false common solution for a better exposure of your product, which is the best one.

careless inferior
clones less reputable
defective mediocre
failed no-name
flimsy questionable
inadequate shoddy
imitations of slipshod
incompetent substandard
inept unproven
inexperienced unreliable

Category 14: Luxury power words.

Why? These words will bring super-perceived value to your content. And you will also show to your readers that you pamper them.

a treasure lavish serene
adapt lush sheer bliss
alternative magnificent snug comfy
attractive modular soft
beautiful on demand soothing
cheerful options sumptuous
customize opulent superb
definitive organic swank
deluxe ornate unlimited
elegant outfitted with unsurpassed
elegant lines placid vast selection of
exacting pleasure we take charge of
exalted plush
exhaustive posh
extravaganza preferences
fine-tune relaxing
flexible rich
immaculate select
influential selection

Category 15: Show your audience that the result will be fast.

Why? These power words are fundamental to your content and your products. Nobody wants a product that gives results within a year, but within a month!

a same-day hustling speedy
accelerated immediate sprints
antique in brief swift
asap in half the time throttle
brisk in short time saving
dashes instant timeless
efficient instantly venerable
enduring no more waiting vintage
expedites outpaces / overtakes whoosh
express plunges zooms
fast-acting productive
fast-paced prompt
fast-solving punctual
flash quick
flies races ahead
hard-driving rapid
here is how scoots
here is why soars
high velocity speed of light
historic speeds along

Category 16: Tell them they are an elite.

Why? Because you always have to flatter your readers. They must feel that with your high-quality content, they will be privileged. Unlike other silly people. Show them how you are going to make them feel superior with these power words.

a selected group instructive splendid
all-inclusive luminous take part in
authoritative luscious true
be part of magnificent uncensored
be privy to members-only uncommon
benefit offer unexpurgated
charming once in a lifetime valuable
dainty partners vibrant
essential perfect VIP membership
everything you need pretty welcomed into
exclusive private
eye-catching privilege
fresh radiant
glowing ravishing
gorgeous real
handsome rejuvenating
head-turning resplendent
healing shimmering
impeccable significant
important smart looking

Category 17: Power words to appeal your audience.

Why ? Because your titles and content have to be attractive.

a gem fetching striking
a joy glamourous sublime
adorable glittering sunny
amusing glorious terrific
astonishing hot upscale
awe-inspiring illuminating vibrant
big on looks incredible wonderful
captivating irresistible wondrous
cool knockout yummy
cute loveable zesty
enchanting marvelous
enjoy miraculous
enlightening one hell of a
entertaining rare
enthralling remarkable
enticing satisfying
evocative sensational
exquisite sizzling
eye-opening smart
fantastic sparkling

With those blogging focused categories, you’re ready.

And you know what? Your life is going to be easy. I just combined all those super-power words for you. They are here. Word, Excel, PDF format. Yep!. Download the lists, use them, and write!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Who am I? My name is Andre Dubois. I am French. If you have the patience to listen to me break the rules of the English language, I will show you how to break the rules of blogging.

 I will show you many ways to kick up your profits with a variety of techniques that are often simple, quick and incredibly effective at increasing your sales.

 Even if you have a small audience.

 If there is one rule that all bloggers should follow, it’s to not follow any rules. Visit me at: www.webmarketingsaga.com.


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