Awareness Surrounding Graphic Designers Stats

Awareness Surrounding Graphic Designers Stats

There are 2.1 million artists in the United States. Out of these 2.1 million artists, 42% are graphic designers. This makes it one of the biggest jobs for artists to be employed for. The majority of these graphic designers have had college education and received a bachelor’s degree. While there are many types of people that decide to become a graphic designer, it is almost even the amount of men and women that are employed for the job. While this may be about even, the majority of graphic designers in the United States are Caucasian.

There is a large threshold for the pay that a graphic designer may earn for their job. This could range from around $38k a year to as much as $62k a year. This depends on the company that they work for, as well as the types of projects that they may be a part of. The biggest market for graphic designers would have to be publishing. The need for various graphics for publications means that graphic designers will be consistently needed. The second biggest job market for graphic designers would be Ad and PR work.

Making sure that an ad relays the message it wants, as well as being eye catching enough to attract consumers is something that a graphic designer must learn to do. The ads that consumers see while surfing the net or driving around were developed by graphic designers that were able to make pleasing images for the product that their company produces. Some of the big states for graphic designers to work in would be not surprisingly, New York and California. Other places would include Florida, Texas, and Illinois.

While graphic design is a job, many work on a freelance basis and may also work other jobs to maintain a steady income. Since graphic design jobs or more project based, it is not the most stable of jobs but can still bring in a good amount of income. Making sure that the project is done in a timely manner, but also done well is a balance that may be hard to maintain at times. Making sure that the budget allotted for the graphic is sufficient, as well as the time period is something that graphic designers must be aware of to make sure that their work is done well. These are some of the things to think about when working towards, or starting out as a graphic designer. There are various departments where a graphic designer may be needed.




WRITTEN BY: Ron Hunt, a designer by profession.


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