As the internet technology continues to transform and increase its penetration, the advertisement mechanisms and paid messages on the internet are also increasing. For a long time now, the concept of paid advertising on the internet world has become a crucial part of marketing budgets and a holistic media strategy. Within the platforms which can feature internet paid advertising, they also include mobile. Since the start of a smart phone takeover of the world,mobile phone penetration has almost doubled even in the countries which are underdeveloped or are termed as third world countries.


This is the reason designing a mobile specific campaign has also become a very important element for media strategists. Many brands and organizations now work on a separate strategy to target people on mobile through different campaigns and communication messages. To design a mobile campaign, one must not just have the right skill set, but also a good thought process to think in a strategic manner. Today’s academic blog will talk about four elements that can combine together to design a successful mobile ad campaign and allow brands to properly communicate their messages with the best return on investment rate.


Any message which doesn’t have a value or adds value to the consumer through its interpretation and meaning is not effective. Same is the case with mobile, a message or campaign on mobile should add value to its users or consumers. That value can be anything from a funny message, to an emotional appeal or content which is worth sharing with others. There can be two very simple ways of adding value to your message. One is focusing on the functional and core essence of the message, for example, “Use the X brand and get advantages like….” Or it can be humor based where you talk about something witty or funny associated with your brand.

Relevance in the Campaign

When a mobile campaign is executed, it should be relevant to your users and customers. This means the understanding of the target audience is very critical to your campaign. If you are advertising laundry soap to an individual who is interested in technology, your mobile campaign will never yield good results. Therefore, the relevance of your message and selecting the right target audience is absolutely important for a successful mobile ad campaign.

Simplicity of the Message

The simplicity of the message is crucial for your mobile ad campaign. By simplicity of the message it means that your communication should not be very complicated or technical. A simple message delivering the key value to your user is all you need to get a successful mobile ad campaign running.

Honesty of the Message

Sometimes on the internet, there are instances where users become a victim of fraudulent offers and spam messages. This not only hurts the credibility of mobile advertising as a whole, but also the platforms used. Therefore, honesty of the message is again very important to have a successful mobile ad campaign. Your offers should make sense and be logical in the eyes of the consumers if you have to attract the right traffic.


Guest Author Bio: Richard Miller is the author of this blog post. Richard is a web designer and mobile content developer at a firm in Australia. He likes to be aware of on-going advertising trends and also posts them on the website Essay writing service |


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