Is there really psychology behind how advertising makes us buy? Can advertising lead those who live well below their means (more politically correct than “poor” … now I have made everyone happy!) feel rich beyond their wildest dreams? In Somebody’s opinion, it’s not even debatable … it’s “YES”! According to a recent study from Microsoft, people lose concentration after eight seconds. To put that into perspective, that’s one second less than the attention span of a goldfish.

The new advertising climate has led us to spend more and buy more. These are symptoms of a social problem, no question about it. But the feelings that give rise to this problem are no more blameworthy than those of a student who’s upset about getting a D on an exam. Now factor in the absurd amount of ad exposure we encounter everyday, and it’s no wonder why so many businesses are struggling to get their message heard. As marketers and advertisers, it seems the odds couldn’t be any less in our favor.

So what’s the solution?

Well, the answer breaks down into four parts. To learn more about each, check out the following infographic from WebpageFX on how businesses are using this approach to convince people to buy. It’s interesting and, sadly enough, pretty darn accurate!



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