Somebody Simply Calls This Process iDesign.

Once you decide that nothing great happens unless Somebody does it … Somebody works with you to collaborate and explore your company’s design, marketing or website goals.  We will ensure we clearly define your needs and objectives too. We use this information to found the initial processes on your company’s principles and ideas, which will optimally help promote your purpose and market impact.

Below are the general principles we use in our design, marketing and website development process:


Somebody’s first task is accumulation of information from the you (the client), which is one of the most important steps. We launch the client relationship with a strategy session focused on establishing the creative goals for your company on your project. We will send you a simple questionnaire (a design brief) to determine the best path to creating an incredible, memorable and impactful design or marketing campaign.


Somebody will then define a set of project objectives and identify the timeline.


Somebody researches like crazy. After moulding the design brief, getting to know your business is the next crucial step in making your project ultimately successful. We research your company and competitors to get a better feel for your market —  this helps in developing the overall look and message the final project conveys.


Let the creativity begin …

After Somebody has gathered and thoroughly analyzed the first three iDesign steps we start to get creative. Based on your goals, needs and objectives … this is where we begin the design phase of your project or campaign. This design phase begins the foundation or building block(s) to your completed project. The Sketch phase can repeat itself several times (see Improve below).


This is the feedback and “fine tuning” stage of iDesign and this phase will repeat itself until you have a product which meets and exceeds the project’s expectations.

Somebody works very closely with you. It is essential to our project’s objectives. Without a doubt, it helps in the process of creating a design or marketing campaign that represents you and your company. We do our very best to touch base with you frequently during our timeline and get your feedback through various stages of the design process. This feedback helps in building trust and helps you gain a better understanding of what your investment dollars are working towards.


Once we reach agreement on the Sketch and Improve stages, we are very close to being done with your project. The Generate phase is where we send you the proper files needed to officially complete your project. Your company will need the proper file format to ensure whatever the project’s use may be it will be the best possible quality for end use. Whether it is a JPEG, PDF, EPS format (these are only some of the formats we can supply) or whether we have to load / send your project ourselves … the generate stage is the final step toward completion.


Once we have reached the Network stage, your project is COMPLETE! The Network phase means we have delivered your project to you and now it can be “networked” to the public, your potential customers or maybe even your friends and family to see.