Somebody Marketing is a design and marketing agency who works closely with you. We specialize in one-time designs to the most intricate marketing campaigns. Somebody’s focus is very simple … to make your designs, marketing and everything in-between an investment, NOT an expense. We know it’s NOT Monopoly money your business “plays” with and Somebody doesn’t treat your investment like a game. We believe your business should “stand out from the crowd”, not be part of it. Without standing out, nobody is going to notice you. We can make you different without sacrificing your core values, objectives and bottom line. Somebody takes everything into consideration when it comes to you and your business.

Somebody Takes Ideas ... and Makes Them Marketable!

Everybody Needs Somebody

Somebody utilizes a powerful combination of unique, creative graphic designs and cutting-edge marketing ideas which make anybody elses services seem inadequate. Design and marketing packages are available, tailored to your individual needs. Somebody offers a quick, affordable and reliable route to making your business or passion come alive (whatever it may be). One look at our diverse list of satisfied clients makes it clear that Somebody can deliver the services you need whether you are a one-person operation, or a corporate giant.

Meet Somebody

Somebody was thought to be a mystery, a mere design and marketing enigma. Reportedly based in Las Vegas, Nevada some naysayers began to believe Somebody may be part of Area 51 and conspiracy theories began to run rampant all across the desert. Others have conducted countless hours of behind the scenes research on Roswell’s crash landing and somehow, some way connected Somebody with this government cover up. With mounting pressure from Capitol Hill, Somebody’s clients and his “underground” family, Somebody decided it was time to show the world his true identity.

Meet Somebody

The person behind Somebody is actually Michael Anthony Fazio. Fazio was born in Buffalo, New York … though many of his friends believe he is actually Canadian, stating on many occasions “how can Somebody who loves hockey SO MUCH be from the USA?”. With a deep love for music, graphic design and marketing, he has been designing for over 15 years. Self-taught in all aspects of design, Fazio has worked in the marketing industry with a national marketing, print and internet company. He has learned to be extremely flexible in design and “lives on the edge” when it comes to marketing campaigns. His team currently designs with Adobe CC, Creative Suite 6, Creative Suite 5.5 (including Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop), Microsoft Products (including Publisher, PowerPoint and Word), Apple’s Keynote and Pages (of the iWork family) plus a few more dynamic programs.

So, now that Somebody has been revealed you may want to use them … Hire Somebody today! Keep in mind, no one really knows what ties Somebody and Area 51 share. We do know this much, we are pretty sure you do not want to be the first to find out!


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