Yes, it can be difficult building trust in your business. This is especially true for businesses which are not established in the marketplace or brand spanking new.  However, trust is very important, especially if you want to get the right kind of clients and keep them coming back with repeat business. Here is ONE HUGE BONUS to trust … clients will refer their friends and associates when you have their trust.

Below are 5 pain-free and simple ways for building trust in your business.

1. Do what you say you will do.

Plain and simple, finish all of your tasks exactly the way that your client wants them to be done or you described to the client.  Quick tip, document what is spoken via email or a CMS so there is absolutely ZERO confusion to what was spoken.

2. Make sure you finish all tasks on time, earlier if possible.

Everyone should strive to get their work finished early, it takes a ton of pressure off tight deadlines. Also, this allows one to make any changes (if necessary) and will show your clients how dedicated you are as a business.  It shows you care …

3. Stay on budget at all times.

Clients do not appreciate it when you spend more money than you planned, it can downright leave a horrible taste in their mouth (kind of like after you eat tuna … barf breath). Also, if you end up working on a project for much longer than you expected and it costs them a lot more money, they will more than likely NOT use you again or refer you to friends. Instead, just be sure to keep everything within the budget you discussed with your client.

4. If problems arise, keep your clients informed.

Clearly a no-brainer here … clients need to know when there are problems. Maybe something came up in your personal life and you might not be able to finish in time, or if you found that you might end up taking more time to do their project. Trust me, it’s better to let them know early that you may need more time than waiting until the very last minute and dropping that bomb at their feet (BOOM! There goes that relationship!).

5. If the client asks, sign a confidentiality agreement.

Many clients want you to sign an agreement. Here’s a thought … take the initiative and bring one to the first meeting instead. There’s a novel idea!!!  Do you think this would show them that you are trustworthy? Somebody thinks so …

It can be difficult to gain trust as a small business owner. However, as you gain the trust of a few clients, your business will begin to grow. To do that, you should always do what you say you will do, stay on budget, finish by the agreed upon deadline (earlier if possible), discuss problems as they come up and sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement. Hey, it’s just a signature and can go a long way in the trust game!


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